DEN'GOLF : Your device Driving Golf Home

To refine and improve his practice and his golf swing, it needs many hours of training and, so lot of time... With our modern life, it's not easy to find time every day to train on the driving range or take golf lessons.

That is why the Den'Golf is for you !


DEN'GOLF®, golf practice

DEN'GOLF® was designed for golfers who are not complete beginners and who wish to practice as well as improve their swing and the accuracy of the ball hit. The DEN'GOLF will help you to become an expert golfer with this increase in accuracy of ball striking complement to your training practices on golf courses.


Practice Golf at home

With the golf practice DEN'GOLF® better swing® you can work on your swing regularly since you can install it at home. You can train whenever you want without having to go to a golf course.


Increase your performance

The DEN'GOLF® better swing® has sensors and a microcontroller for a high precision analysis of every strike. The data is processed by the software. Once the equipment is switched on, the player must begin by selecting the club that he is using regularly, the one which works best for him, for example "5" for the iron 5.

den The equipment is made from high quality material (parts made of dural, protected by epoxide paint or anodize, axle made of stainless steel fitted onto a ball bearing, parts made of titanium, screws and other parts made of stainless steel, cable (strain capacity of over 300kg) protected by a rubber tube, special solid ball that cannot be deformed, with a bounce similar to that of a real golf ball.