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The DEN'GOLF® better swing® has sensors and a microcontroller for a high precision analysis of every strike. The data is processed by the software.

Once the equipment is switched on, the player must begin by selecting the club that he is using regularly, the one which works best for him, for example "5" for the iron 5.

To find out what level the player is, he must hit the ball several times with any iron and adjust the level according to the distances he covers on a usual basis with the same club. Once he has set the correct level, it will be the same setting for any club he uses (irons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 as well as the corresponding wood).

The device is not designed for the use of drivers. The device analyzes the deviations in the angle of departure of the ball, the slices are not considered in the analysis.

Example of analysis and measurement of a strike

Example of analysis and measurement of a strike 1 - The measured length of this strike is 134 meters.
2 - A number 6 wood was used.
3 - The placement of the dash (from right to left) indicates the direction of the ball: in this example it is on the left side.
4 - The 27 indicates the deviation in meters.
5 - The number 5 indicates the level of the player (programmable from 0 to 9).

So in this case we got a length of 134 meters, with a deviation on the left side of 27 meters.


To obtain a very precise measure of a strike with your DEN'GOLF® better swing®, it is important to hit the ball as close to the centre of gravity on the top of the club. To be sure you are doing this, use the following tip: pass the inner side of the top of the club along with chalk and check after to see if the contact point with the ball was well centered


The strike is successful when the contact with the ball is well centered


To calculate your progress, record your results and then you can analyse them.
In time you will be able to predict fairly accurately the distance as well as the direction and deviation even before it is displayed on the screen by DEN'GOLF®.
You will so be able to remember your position as well as your gesture, and rectify them accordingly for the following strikes.
You will soon make progress if you practice regularly : that is the advantage of being able to practice at home!

Note :

--> The DEN'GOLF® better swing® equipment is not designed to teach you to play, you need to have taken lessons with a golf pro. The equipment is designed to help you perfect your swing and the precision of the ball hit.

--> This is not a "simulator" or a toy, it is training equipment for serious players who would like to make progress. Needless to say that it is very enjoyable to analyze the strikes and be able to control them.

DEN'GOLF® better swing®, when technology helps you to swing better!

Made in France, Conceptor and inventor Raymond Denancé

den The equipment is made from high quality material (parts made of dural, protected by epoxide paint or anodize, axle made of stainless steel fitted onto a ball bearing, parts made of titanium, screws and other parts made of stainless steel, cable (strain capacity of over 300kg) protected by a rubber tube, special solid ball that cannot be deformed, with a bounce similar to that of a real golf ball.